Google review of Pelagic Blue Cruising Services by Harry Thompson★★★★★ "I would like to recommend “Pelagic Blue Crusing”. I am 70 years old and have been actively sailing my own boats for over 40 years. One example is that I had two top experts trained in B&G equipment trouble shoot my autopilot with my self installed B&G instruments. The autopilot should steer a compass heading, but when I asked it to navigate to a waypoint - it would go crazy- veering ten degrees back and forth. Even the B&G Teck from the factory couldn’t figure it out on a face time with me onboard. So Julie come aboard, looks things over, notices that the Zeus plotter is set to True and the autopilot is set to Magnet. She changes the autopilot to the True setting and -wham- the problem went away. I later found out that Julie and Gio were trained originally as scientists so they look at problems a lot deeper that the typical marine Technician might. Gio is high energy and totally committed to detail and doing things the proper way. As an example- Gio was installing a high output alternator kit with a separate smart regulator and serpentine belt kit. The boat was in La Paz Mexico. Gio gave me a parts list to bring down from San Diego with everything needed down to the last wire connector. He had it neatly installed on the Yanmar in one long day. It worked perfect and put out the higher amps we needed to make a passage. They are honest, will tell you the truth -even if it hurts- and will get your job done well. What more could a sailor ask?"