Preparing you and your boat for safe and enjoyable cruising through practical preparation and individual consultation

Boat Refit & Readiness Consultation

We completed professional marine maintenance training and are certified through the American Boat and Yacht Council and National Marine Electronics Association which set industry standards for safety and technology. This is not something you can accomplish without rigorous preparation far beyond what you'll find on YouTube. 

These certifications require passing demanding exams and meeting continuous education requirements. The standards set by these organizations have helped us tailor our approach to ensure you are tackling your boat refit and cruising preparations safely and efficiently.

We've taught and mentored dozens of people seeking to understand and execute simple projects and extensive offshore refits on their cruising boats. Our experience in the marine industry is unique in that we have managed and operated fleets of work boats plus working and teaching in the marine trades. We also own and maintain an ocean cruising boat.

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Boat Refit Planning

We will work with you to learn your boat’s systems, structure, and readiness for offshore or extended cruising. We’ll coach you through a comprehensive vessel investigation that will help you identify any immediate needs or “finger trouble”. From there, we’ll help you design a vessel refit plan that prioritizes the projects and skills that will be most critical to your cruising success. Then it’s time to get to work! You will receive personalized, professional guidance through as much of your refit as you choose. 

DIY Project Support

Learning how to work on your own boat is a nonnegotiable cruising skill that will allow you to confidently cruise further afield and stay out longer. No one wants to miss out on a great cruising season waiting for parts or a mechanic. We can help you plan new projects, troubleshoot pesky bugs, and teach you how to DIY the right way which will help you avoid costly mistakes and curtailed cruising. We are authorized resellers of many marine components and can help you source parts and supplies, often at a savings to you.

Cruising Guidance

When you are at sea, the best, and sometimes the only resources you have, are what’s on your boat and what’s in your brain. We can help you prepare for that. Whether you need help selecting the right boat to purchase, developing DIY maintenance skills, planning your cruise, provisioning, or deciding where to start, we will ensure you depart prepared for confident, capable cruising. Don't forget we are marine biologists and active fish folk, so we can also help you build your offshore fishing tackle box!

Please note we are trained, certified professionals. We do not accept commissions of any type from anyone. We only recommend products and services we trust ourselves.

What are your consultation rates?

Your initial strategy session and documentation costs $350. After that you may select to purchase prepaid time blocks or a monthly retainer.

Our base rate for pay-as-you-go consulting is $110/hr. Most of our clients take advantage of our prepaid time blocks or monthly retainers which offer discounted rates. 

Prepaid time blocks are designed to maximize value, control cost, and bolster accountability in achieving your goals: 10 hours = $1050, 20 hours = $1900. Hours purchased in prepaid time blocks do not expire. 

Monthly retainers offer a means to reduce up-front costs while providing you with flexibility and built-in accountability: 4 hours/month = $400/month, 10 hours/month = $950/month. Hours do not expire unless you cancel your retainer and can rollover to subsequent months.