Frequently Asked Questions

What sets you apart from other companies?

Our approach to advising and training you is inclusive and comprehensive because we know that shortening the timeline to your departure makes it more likely that you will successfully achieve your cruising goals. We strive to teach you the skills you need to be self sufficient at sea when it comes to maintaining and upgrading your boat and making safe sailing decisions, which is what will help you stay out cruising longer and sail further.

Do you offer virtual services?

Yes, our consulting and unlimited email support services are offered virtually. You will receive instruction and guidance at your home, boat, or wherever you are in the world.

What training does your team have?

Our team members graduated from marine maintenance programs and have certifications from the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA), and are USCG licensed Masters. We passed grueling certification exams, worked on boats, and trained others in boat operation long before founding Pelagic Blue.

What are your rates?

Private training aboard your boat starts at $1200/day plus all travel and local expenses.

For boat refit consultation your initial strategy session and documentation costs $350. After that you may select to purchase prepaid time blocks or a monthly retainer.

Our base rate for pay-as-you-go consulting is $110/hr. Most of our clients take advantage of our prepaid time blocks or monthly retainers which offer discounted rates. 

Prepaid time blocks are designed to maximize value, control cost, and bolster accountability in achieving your goals: 10 hours = $1050, 20 hours = $1900. Hours purchased in prepaid time blocks do not expire. 

Monthly retainers offer a means to reduce up-front costs while providing you with flexibility and built-in accountability: 4 hours/month = $400/month, 10 hours/month = $950/month. Hours do not expire unless you cancel your retainer and can rollover to subsequent months.

How many hours will my project need?

Boat projects take all of the hours you want to give them. Your preparation and willingness to tackle the independent learning we provide you with on your own will play a major role in helping you keep costs down. We recommend most of our clients start with a prepaid 20-hour block since it offers the best value. We typically give a heads up when you're down to two hours so you can decide how you'd like to move forward. 

What can I expect from your consultation services?

You can expect an initial 1 hr video call to discuss your current goals, objectives, and timeline. From there you will receive a plan of attack completely tailored to achieving your refit, DIY project, or cruising goals, whether it be designing and completing an ABYC compliant electrical refit, planning your world cruising route, or developing boat maintenance protocols for your cruising adventure. You will have a complete understanding of your system design, installation, and maintenance so you can feel confident relying on and troubleshooting it anywhere in the world. We will also help you depart with the relevant spares and tools onboard to service your equipment anywhere, which is a standard part of the consulting process for our clients. 

We also have clients who are unsure what their goals are, or need someone to keep them accountable to meeting their cruising departure timeline. No matter what stage you are at, you will receive 1:1 time with us instead of on your own or with someone who is not qualified to guide you through the process.

How much experience do I need to work with you?

None! Our services are completely custom, and we meet you wherever you are.

Where do you offer private training?

We provide in-person private training aboard your vessel anywhere on the globe. If you are taking delivery of a new boat we can meet you there and begin your training immediately to help you qualify for offshore insurance. We can also accompany and train you on offshore passages.