Offshore sail training, education, and consulting to prepare you and your boat for successful cruising

Join us aboard our bluewater cruising boat for an exciting offshore sail training expedition. You will master all aspects of sailing, navigation, live aboard, emergency procedures, plus receive 3-6 hours per day of dedicated instruction. Enrollment is limited to 2-3 students per trip. Destinations and routes change each season. 

Tailored Training on Your Cruising Boat 

Learn essential skills and build your confidence at sea with private offshore sail training, systems training, and maintenance instruction on your boat. We will travel to wherever your boat is to provide vessel training aimed at helping you qualify for insurance while gaining competence in sailing, operating, and maintaining your cruising boat.

Boat Refit & Readiness Consultation

No matter how bristol a new-to-you boat appears, there is always work to be done to get it ready for extended offshore cruising. Some you can do yourself, some may require a yard. Some can wait until after you've learned your boat and preferences, but some should be done now so you can set sail safely. How do you know where to start and what it might cost?

DIY Project Support

Can you fix stuff on a boat already? Engines, toilets (aka heads), electrical, all of it? If not, the time to start learning is NOW. It’s not as glamorous as reading about tropical islands and cocktail recipes, but it is way more important to your cruising success. 

Cruising Guidance

When you are at sea, the best, and sometimes the only resources you have, are what’s on your boat and what’s in your brain. Whether you need help selecting the right boat to purchase, developing DIY maintenance skills, planning your cruise, provisioning, or deciding where to start, we will ensure you depart prepared for confident, capable cruising.